Mars Hydro TSL 2000

I am thinking about purchasing a Mars Hydro TSL2000 for my 2x4 grow tent. Can anyone who has used or currently using this light tell me if it produces alot of heat. Any input would be deeply appreciated.

I currently use the MH tsw 2000 and the FC-E 4800 Full spectrum with uv commercial light in my two tents. They are 4 x 4…heat should never really be an issue with LED unless you have them way too close…I think it would be perfect. Just watch your height and pay attention to your ladies. The leaves will start to yellow and curl up if the light is too much for them.

Thanks for your input. I do have an ac infinity and three fans inside my 2x4 tent.

You should be fine, I am assuming a 4 inch exhaust? Also watch the amount of air you are blowing on the plants as it will stress them as well. Are they ac infinity as well?

I do have the 4" exhaust and the one 8 oscillating fan above canopy and an oscillating fan below but definitely not blowing them away. No, they are not ac infinity fans. My main concern is not to overheat my tent. Thanks again! Really appreciate it.

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