Manifold or not?

So I am setting up a new system, planning on drain to waste in coco, with top feed. So my question is for the top feed, should I use a manifold or just run a main line and secondary feeds to plants directly off main line a true drip system?

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@Rye In my experience top feeding with drain to waste works better with a drip system with a main line and secondary feeds that are adjustable similar to how you set up a drip system around a tree.

It breaks down the top feed amendments slower so there’s less risk of nutrient burn, has less waste, and you can adjust the drip with the outer edge of the leaves for optimal watering and feeding. Once the plant fills the whole container I usually move the drip centered back in the middle of the pot so it will evenly water and distribute the amendments.

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That’s what I thought. I figured i could adjust each lines output at the plant, instead of a central manifold. Less parts means less things to break.

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@Rye yeah and the only extra things needed are those flow control valves for each line and a plastic clip to pinch off the end of the drip line.

They sell those small plastic ones (the flow control valves) in different sizes designed specifically for drip systems that you just fit on to the plastic tubing.

@Rye this is what I meant by flow control valve. The barbed tube coupling valve.

like this system

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That is glorious!!! :star_struck: