Managing Nitrogen deficiency with Urea

Hey guys, my plants are suffering from Nitrogen deficiency and i have purchased some pure Urea to deal with that.

Its a bag of little white balls, i am wondering how much of it i should use. Do you guys have any idea or a link to some literature? I cant find that info anywhere.


Was not able to find any useful links on how to use it. The granulars do dissolve in water. I would recommend taking a 1 gallon container full of water and use 1/2 teaspoon of the product. Make sure it’s dissolved and adjust ph to 6.5
You can always start off by using less and give it a few watering. The already yellow leaves may or may not go back green. As long as the yellowing stops it should be good.
Just a recommendation for future grows with soil. I’ve used this product for my 1st and my current 2nd grow and had great results.


It looks more to me like your plant is in need of a transplant, it has probably used up all the nutrients in the medium or close to it. You shouldn’t even need urea, more details please.

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Time to move it to a bigger pot.

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Thanks guys, i did move it to a bigger pot and added Urea, that fixed the problem

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