Male / hermie showing at day 20 , feminized autoflower

Posted to another forum and they are sure it’s a male.
But I see long slender leaves and a pistol forming on lower node.
Also some green spots on leaves.

Any input helpful before he’s laid to rest.

I’d get that way away from where your going to do anything grow wise in the future. When the sacs open, pollen will get on everything. Most you can’t see but it does get on everything and sticks. Not sure how long it can set before no longer being able to pollenate a female but I’ve seen people keep pollen for certain strains in the freezer for years. No good though unless your wanting to breed!

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That top will grow like a pod of grapes of pollion sac’s

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unless you want seeds, kill him off. It is a boy for sure and pollen is microscopic. It was made by nature to get EVERYWHERE…clothes, hands, walls, tools, equipment, female plants!
Mist everything with water as water kills off pollen…like a fresh rain
those sacks are enough to fertilize a hundred plants or more


He was removed last night from the room as well as his pot. I’m going to throw out the soil too. Because he was so young I’m not too concerned he started to spread pollen. But I will mist the grow space today. How long can pollen stay viable on surfaces ?

I too have an auto flower that looks suspicious. Is this a female or a hermaphrodite?


pollen lives about 3 days unless it is very dry in your environment…then it can live around a week
that is why I recommended to water spry the plants…washes away pollen and water kills it basically
you do not have to throw away the dirt…good dirt is valuable so unless you got plenty, recycle. If you use dry nutes / amendments, mix and make a topping for when its time to feed

GolfWeed - not sure, they look like SWOLLEN calyxes which are OK so watch carefully
you can PINCH off the suspects if only on a bud here and there

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Thanks Mike, I wasn’t sure if the sacks near my thumb in the above pic were male oriented or calyxes. Will those also grown into buds if they are calyxes?

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yes but only nugs…not really worth it as they ARE SMALL AND JUST ROB THE BIGGER BUDS OF NUTRITION AND GROWTH ABILITY


Yes its a male, if you bought feminized seeds you were burned, a feminized auto will not have pollen sacks, a bunk auto will have vertical spikes at nodes instead of v shaped pistils and will never flower but will not grow pollen sacks, if you bough reg non feminized auto seeds you got a male.