Making seeds for next year?

I want to pollinate (4) different varieties of feminized plants to make seeds for next year, does the pollen pods need to be variety specific or will any pollen work for all? Also, where can I order these pollen pods?

Any cannabis pollen will work for all, but the plants will share the genes of the male as well as the female, so you could get some male seeds. The best way of getting female seeds would be taking one of the plants and interrupting the dark cycle for about an hour or so. This will confuse the plant and maybe it will herm (form one or a few pollen sacs), which can be used to pollenate a bud or two on each plant. This will give you all female seeds, but they will be a little more likely to form nanners, so you have to keep a watch. Good luck and enjoy!

Thanks so much for your detailed reply, I really appreciate it. May I be so bold to ask you another couple questions: What’s going to be my perfect time to pollinate my plants? And how many pods will I need to pollinate (18) plants? And lastly, what’s a good site that I can order my pods? And, Thanks again for your knowledge.

@Bigbud62 I don’t have that much knowledge about breeding, just general stuff. I never pollinated any on purpose, just by accident, going after that sweet sensi buds. Several others like noddykitty and mdbuds are the experts, but I believe that from two weeks into flower to three weeks before harvest should give the seeds enough time to fully form.
Good questions; interesting. Good luck and enjoy!

@Bigbud62 pollinate at 6 weeks into flower if using pollen pods. Harvest between weeks 10 and 12. Make sure you have a fan going if you open pollinate. If you’re doing a controlled pollination on one plant and want to keep your flower room sensimilla quarantine your mother for at least 72 hours and then give her a distilled water rinse before going back in with the other ladies. During that 72 hours just keep dusting her with pollen.

Can’t help with the pollen pods though because I don’t buy them. I just harvest my males.

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