LSD autoflower seedling growth

so this is around 3 weeks from germination specifically day 25 from sprout. Ima bit of a newbie but this looks very odd for a cannabis plant. I’m just wondering if it’s genetic and gonna grow out of it or something I am doing wrong and I can fix? If so what…?

Idk should be atleast a foot tall by day 25 though

Can you tell use your setup it would help. you growing inside or outside

It’s about a week behind my other seed I had going, I had PH issues early on which are now fixed as well as I had broke one the 3rd node leaves off before it grew all the way in. Was a little too attentive to it.

Looks like it’s having a bad trip…

Better pics and more info would be needed to diagnose.

Unfortunately, being an autoflower, you’re not going to end up with a good result from that plant. At this point it’s time to figure out what went wrong so you can correct for the next time.

What is your environment like? Soil, ph, nutes, watering? Do you have other plants that are experiencing this problem?

Inside growing not any major lights like they are led grow lights off Amazon with bendable arms. Using ocean forest medium. Lights are about 2 feet away at the moment. Might not be letting the medium dry enough.

Only one at the moment I planted another of the same strain the other day I have a blue dream growing great in happy frog with lights set half power around 8 inches away. I was wondering if it might be genetic so I planted another of the same seed to see how it grew.

I’m far from a professional by any means nor am I trying to down you at all…. There’s a lot that could be wrong IMO but given the photos I see, I’d pull em and start over those girls look very sad and not like what they should for what day your on. Biggest questions I have are, what is the light you’re using and what kind of soil do you have them in? If they’re autos I’d for sure pull em. From my experience and what I’ve read if you stress them to the Max it’s basically a waste to continue anyway as they don’t have the time to recover before flowering.

HF is a hot blend for sprouts in My Opinion. Heat range 76-82f, rh 75-80…domes for first week - maybe 10 days. Inverted clear plastic cup is ok. Lights at 25% (full spect led) 12-16 inches

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What size pot is it in? Recent transplant? Too much water, air flow around the pot (if fabric) would help. If in a large medium give the roots time to catch up. Best of luck with this autoflower. Happy growing

Like @Mrb53004 said soil way to hot for seedlings

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i would try a milder coco mix for seedling, like others have said ffof is pretty ‘‘hot’’ for seedlings…

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