Lowryder week 2


Lowryder plants i started two weeks ago. One of them has peppers growing with it too.
This is my first time posting…


Nice! I’ll be following your progress.

Off topic, but you’re getting peppers to grow? I have had a terrible time starting pepper plants, everything else seems easy, but those guys are obstinate. Anyway, welcome to the forum!


Yes, they were stubborn though. I didn’t think they were viable from an old seed pack and they didn’t sprout for almost two weeks. I put the weed seed plug on top and then they wanted to come out to play. Thanks so much :two_hearts:

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I have some gorilla glue #4 going. They both stalled for two weeks after transplant to buckets. They’re better now and in third week of flower. And I have cayenne peppers growing that are rocking it now. :sunglasses:. Good luck man :+1::+1:

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:two_hearts: niiice! Thanks alot , you too