Lowryder Auto Outside

Greetings from Virginia!

Celebrating July legalization by growing two Lowryders outside. I’m a newbie (2nd crop) and like these plants since they are fast easy growers.
These girls are under cover, get a small amount of direct sunlight but look very healthy to me. Should I consider moving them into a more sunny space or leave well enough alone?


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If you are happy with the current growth, keep it simple. If you want to experiment and test your green thumb, move them. There could be negatives and positives with either move and the great thing is, you’re the boss! IMO, go for it, it could end up being a great move. Check often if you do move, good luck and happy growing!

As long as “In the Sun” doesn’t raise temps to over 90°f…more sun = more growth, better terpene and trichome production. Right now, daylight is 14hrs plus…as it decreases, they stop vegging and move into flower stage. They look like 3-5 gallon containers (more root = more fruit) so about 4-6 weeks more vegging, then prepare for 6-9 weeks flower…If they flower earlier, you just get less harvest, not less quality
That is as long as they are not AUTO FLOWER

Hi Mike,
They are auto flower & that’s a quick 5 weeks. I don’t expect huge production as this strain stays low & bushy. Temps over 90 are common right now so I’ll prob leave them as-is for the time being

Thanks Jram, I’ll keep the group posted on their progress :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, they look about to flower, very healthy strain. Nice plants, my friend.

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I got my autos in the shade…what I harvest is what it is…yep, leave them alone

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I am also a newbie growing Sour Lowryder 2 outside I found my plants love full sun but can’t take it all bay. I have them in gallon grow bags for now and I move them to full sun for 2 hours a day. They are much happier with the part time full sun when it’s a cooler day I leave them in the sun longer. I in Tidewater eara VA

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Sounds like my girls are perfect - they get several hours of sun daily & lots of diffuse light - Thanks!

PopPop…more sun = more growth. In Va, they should be able to handle all the sun you got unless something else is wrong. I live in Vegas and we have been 110-115 plus…My plants need shade. You have had a LOT of humidity but that is not HEAT. Why can’t they take full sun?what do they do (droop / wilt, burnt edges, etc)