Lowryder Auto Outside - Update

My girls started flowering last week & I watered them with dechlorinated tap water with Tiger Bloom “Buds and Blooms” fertilizer

One of the plants has discolored leaves & I’m suspecting the fertilizer. PH has gone from just below 7 to about 7.5.

Should I be worried? If so, what steps should I take to remediate?


Did you give them a the full recommended amount of tiger bloom? Start small and gradually get to the recommended amount. Watch new growth if you are worried about her. Happy growing!

@DMcweed you gave them too much potassium. What substrate are you using?

Too much potassium will raise pH and lockout nitrogen phosphorus and micros. I’d personally do a flush and then after flushing do a feeding with your normal grow nutes and use 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended feeding with the bloom nutes. You don’t use bloom nutes at full strength until you’re heavy into flower around week 4/5.

Yes, I used normal amt of nutrient

I’m using organic soil and gave them a full dose. If I flush them now do I risk overwatering?

overwatering is not a result of watering, it is from watering too often or compact soil that has lost its ability to keep Oxygen in the soil. Flushing does NOT HURT or DROWN plants unless you have bad soil

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Awesome info - Thank you!