Lowryder and pepper Week 6 maybe

Just continuing along the grow. I don’t think autoflowers like Fox Farm Strawberry Fields soil. All of my autos have gotten nutrient burn with it. Can you see how the leaves are starting to curl under? This girl is finally showing some good flowering though. The pepper seems to be doing ok too


@HeartStrongGarden that looks like either pH issues (low ph) or herbicide residue. The way the leaves bubble up and contort like that.

Herbicide residue as low as 1 ppb can hurt some sensitive higher plants like cannabis, peppers, beans, etc… and pesticide tests usually only test as low as 5 ppb. I have no clue where Fox Farms gets their feed stock for compost and castings but it’s entirely possible they got a bad batch.

As far as it being the ph dropping which is fairly common in Fox Farm products you can just do a slurry ph test.

I’ll try the slurry test I think. Thanks