Lower branches …should I cut them off?

Should I trim the branches on the bottom of each of these plants? They are flowering now, I first noticed that they were 10 days ago. They are both deelite auto plants. One plant is forming better flowers than the other at this time. I have been giving them fox farm nutes. Thanks in advance for your input.

I earlier this week took off some of the fan leaves and now I realize that I should have just tucked them aside and not taken them off for when I quit giving nutes……this is my first grow and I have been reading up on lots of things and perhaps should have done that a bit more prior to starting this adventure. But all is well, some buds for my efforts are better than none.

Hey @jjress do be so hard on yourself, it takes patience. I’m going to tuck some of my fan leaves with pipe cleaners.
This is what she looks like, I’ll repost after tie down lol.

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