Low ph problems

I grow hydroponically and some strains have a tendency to want to ride low ph. Like, unchecked, can hit 4.0 with suicide tendencies. What makes plants drive down ph?

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@Bass55man Welcome to The Forum and I have no idea but I’m sure people on here do stick around and have a good time peace and happy growing✌

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pH may lower if the tap is low in CO2 so letting it sit for a long time (greater than 48 hrs) can result in atmospheric CO2 to dissolve into the water . But, pH can rise if the tap is high in CO2 and letting it air out will incrase pH
If your water level is dropping and the EC is rising, this is when you need to add water to the nute solution. If **Ph is ** dropping, and EC is not, it would indicate you have too much nutrient in your solution.