Looking for more information

So I’ve been reading the articles and on several I have wanted to read more about it, so I clicked the link below it, where it said taken from an article from Kyle Kushman. It keeps saying the page does not exist. Any ideas? One was in the soil section the other was in the water and nutrients swction.

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Hi Ryan - could you please provide the link you clicked so I can investigate this for you?



Thanks for the quick response sir.

The first link I noticed was in the soil category, the continue reading button for the article on “supercharging with bat guano” is dead

The second button was an article about making your own nutrients for feedings, I cannot find it now, I was stoned and tired reading late last night. It was the button below linking to a previous article.


Thank you Ryan - I have found the articles and we are fixing the links for you now.

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Thank you for your quick response and action. I am trying to read all the articles.

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