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I grew 2 stains outside this year , new york. regular feeding ,ph level 6.5 . I put them out in may . We had an early cold snap for a week in november . They had 7 months outdoors and looked sweet. I took my 6 plants indoors to finish up, buds big and very healthy looking, trichomes not quit ready yet. I had them indoors for 2 weeks until tri was ambering. I hung them for in a room I set up a to accommodate. low humidity, dark, normal temp. They dried in 3 days to the point of looking like shit. What did I do wrong.These were the best looking buds I ever grew . Was expecting much better bud. zkittlez and pezz. Did they need more time, or nutrients ? did I hang the wrong ( drying to fast) . Not first grow ,but still a newbie.Have had great success in other grow, but this situation has happened before and this time on a larger scale. Anyone have any Ideas of what happened???

If trichomes were cloudy/amber when you harvested I say it most likely has to do with the dry/cure

Should take roughly 10 days hanging to be ready for jars. Shoot for 60°F and 60% humidity . . . don’t want low humidity as it will dry much too fast. I have some trouble with this also and when drying too fast, and I can’t fix the environment, I use a couple of plastic buckets with lids and a screen to control drying a bit. Not ideal but it does help slow the process.


Did you have fans running?
Too much air circulation will cause premature drying…I’m with Chuck, 3 days was too short.


thank you for your help.I’ll be setting everything up the way you guys have suggested .I was pretty sure that was what it was, really a tough lesson to learn this time around. I’'l never make that mistake again. Thank you.

Thank you for your help. Your right . I had it drying in an open room . turns out a controlled environment is the only way to go. I won’t be making this mistake again.

I am forced to dry in a closet and I used a fan at first because people said you need the air circulation, this is bs unless you are too worried about bud rot and are in a much bigger dry area maybe. I took the fan out and went from a 3 day dry to a 5-6 day dry which has had amazing results.

Dry Hard Baby, Whooo!

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