Looking for autoflower seeds

Many of the autos from HGC are giving me problems…Either they won’t pop or will not grow more than 1" or 2"…Also the replacements they sent me, half would not pop…I’d say a 45% failure rate overall…To me an unacceptable rate,considering the price of seeds…I am fairly new to autoflowers and inside grows,but an old hand growing photos…I have found that I enjoy growing autoflowers and need a dependable seed source…I was introduced to autos through SingleSeedCenter…My used to be seed supplier…
If anybody knows where I can get good autoflower seeds would be greatly appreciated ???

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ILGM.com has a good selection of autos. All on sale right now, buy 10 get 10 free. Roughly $6 per seed. Properly stored, these will keep for several years.

They guarantee delivery and germination. I had some failures and they replaced them fast. They ship from San Diego, CA.

Good luck.

Also an extra $15 off orders above $99 with code “ILGM420”

Brother all I grow is autoflower seeds from HGC. I have a hard time with bubblegum and blackberry autos why I do not know. But Blackjack, amnesia kush, yumbolt, blue amnesia and gelato germinate and grow well for me. Personally I think part of my issues are certain strains sensitivity to nuetrients. I use fox farm ocean forest soil. I was adding living soil pre plant. But now I use just the ffof until my girls are 3-4 weeks old. Then I start with nutes. Works better for me and yields are getting bigger and better. I wish they would just tell us which strains are sensitive to nutrients. Any way I will only buy what works for now. Grow well

Thanks…Good info…Now my minds aturning

Are they all germinated? Or is the failure after they are transplanted? If after then it’s the medium, if during germination that’s another issue.

Also this is the HGCC sponsored forum. Please remove the link to competitors websites. While they strongly believe in free discussion/speech etc and want everyone to grow their own cannabis. They dont advertise for their competitors.

I enjoy this site and I do apologize for my mistake…I did bring up SingleSeedCenter as my last supplier…HGC incorporated SSC into their company, so I meant no foul…

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Not apologizing. The success of my grower friends are more important than some outfit making profits on overpriced seeds. They provide the forum, and I contribute, raising its value and attracting others who will be customers of the hosts. It’s a symbiosis, that’s how these forums exist. If I can share an excellent deal with other home growers here, then I will. That said, while I will keep the reference, I removed the hot link, as they are another commercial site that is screwing up the cannabis environment…

I am against all commercialization of weed. I actively discourage people from patronizing the dispensaries.