Looking for advice on how to get the humidity down. I have a Dehumidifier on and still wont go down. Im in flower. Seems to stay around 60

Its larger humidifier. When I had less plants it seemed to be ok. In a 4x4 tent.

I’m envious that you can get it to 60! My tent stays between 65rh and 80rh when it rains here (a lot!). I’ve even had to dry one of mine in a dry box inside the tent while others were still in flower, the RH then was pushing 80!
Not ideal, but as long as you have air movement and exchange, it won’t kill them!

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I figured it out lol. I had the dyhimidifire venting outside my tent. Was getting to warm. Didnt have a air conditioner. Now that i have one seems good. I had to move the ducting i taped my dyhimidifire inside and to the ground. Did that so hot air is not blasting any of the plants. Is a dyhimidifire on the ground.
Spudgunner you really want 55 for veg and 50 for flowe the highest unless your making the perfect environment with both humidifier and dyhimidifire. That is next level. Not there yet myself. Lots of good videos on Homegrown youtube.

Oh, I know what they need, I just can’t get it there for them! Can’t put AC or a dehumidifier in the garage, don’t have them nor allowed to buy. So I make do with what I have! It works, like I said, not ideal but I still grow some nice bud! And I just got a kickass light, much stronger but should throw less heat since I can mount the driver outside (once they send me 1 more extension cable). So it will only get better!

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