Look for new nutes

Ok so I’m am running autos this is my firs grow in about a year and am using my mute from back then fox farms big 3 but had the whole
Dirty dozen pack however outs of my 4 total I’m not impressed any one have better suggestions?

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There’s a new one out nutrient solutions they have 3set trio cheaper than fox farms

Msu 19-4-23 Epson salt and cal mag. With a dose of kelp
Day 30 of auto


Florwgro trio pack is awesome :ok_hand:

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this is my results from.floragro trio pack

Everybody bashes FF because they don’t know how to use it, contrary to popular belief it is not made for cannabis plants. Nobody knows how to properly use it so they dump it for something easier. I have been using FF for 1.5 years now and have worked my way through the problems and it makes some bomb ass weed JS