Long term veg feeding question

Back end of January, right when we were gonna flip, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. So back to veg we went. I now have four ‘mothers’ in the tent. We got a 200 gallon reservoir for the next 8 to 10 weeks we have to be gone for his treatments. We were gone for three weeks and they did super well, albeit became jungly. Using about 50 gallons of hydro in that time. We use Advanced Nutrients, and pH actually didn’t drift a whole lot, from 5.7 to 6.1.

Here is what I use: Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, Bloom, Cal Mag, Sensizym, and ph Down. To date, this grow has done phenomimal, zero yellowing on tips. 3 Runtz and 1 special HGC Maracuya. All sprouted around first of Dec, one Runtz a couple of weeks younger.
Autopot hydro with Mars Hydo LED set on 50%
Planted in FF Ocean
Air domes are on
Oxygen at roots and also, we ground our plants.
Fan set to oscillate during lights.

Do I feed full schedule of nutes, 4 ml/L as have done on the basic three?
Or full Micro, less of Grow and Bloom?
Can I go as low as 50 - 74% of all nutes?

Basically, I need them to stay happy, and not overgrow.

Advanced Nutrients has been the ONLY nutrient we have used over near 5 years of growing that is pH stable.

Any ideas are helpful. I will come back sometime first of April to make sure things are okay, but there is a good chance I won’t be back for a good 9 weeks as he has radiation and chemo (all treatable so prognosis is good).

Also, how deeply should we prune?

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Okay, update, I talked to someone from Advanced Nutrients and developed a game plan. Decreased light percentage to 25%, feed full nutes. They are most likely going to overgrow the tent no matter what I do, however, I can harvest clones from them, and maybe wrestle the mothers outside to finish out when we get back home. At this point it is one big experiment. And honestly, should have just chopped them and been done with it. Que sera sera. :laughing: