Living soil help

First time growing in living soil…Not sure what to do…I planted a seed from my napkin method in the living soil…The seed popped up to maybe 2" and then just stopped growing…After 10 days of no growth, I pulled the seedling…What am I doing wrong?? I did pre water the soil until the soil retained water…Do I need to add NPK?? I was thinking all I needed to do was just add water…And watch the plant grow…
I can use some HELP on understanding how to use living soil…Thankyou…

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I made my Soil from scratch add live worms 20ea in a 45gal container & 2 earth boxes. Once i had the seedlings in i top dressed all. There is a Living Soil Nutrient chart which has a just add water chart then increase from there:

41 days from Germ. :yin_yang: 4 Auto’s 2 different genetics in living soil the build a soil way 20 live worms ea container

Try build a he also has some awesome videos on youtube

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