Living Soil Grow question

I am in mid week 6 from seed
Gelato Autos x 3
Sohum Living Soil
3 gallon fabric pots
400w generic LED light
So far water only (added molasses once)

All 3 doing well

I know that eventually the soil will need to be amended with something.

I have HGCC Organic nutrients, but am curious would it be better to water once per week with compost tea and/or molasses starting now or is it best to wait until a deficiency shows up and go with organic nutrients at that time?

I also have other organic amendments:
Bat guano
Seabird guano
Crab meal
Blood meal
Bone meal
Earthworm castings
Organic Cal Mag
Urea granules
And am willing to build my arsenal with any other suggestions you have!



Azomite. I add a little to my potting mix. Has trace minerals for good bud formation. Don’t have as many dead leaves as the plant matures. Seems to work for me.


I made a cover with Azemite, potassium silicate and thermophosphate, now in the flora, but if I had known about these, I would have mixed it in the soil at the beginning


I would do small amounts of everything at first, half recommended dose and then work on deficiencies if they show up. You’re trying to avoid the deficiencies from happening in the first place by adding what might not be available from the start. You don’t want to wait, then it may be too late. But you also don’t want to do too much at first that’s why half dose then adjust next time. Not sure why you need three different types of animal poop…:two_hearts::v:t3::sunglasses:

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@HeartStrongGarden One can never have too much animal poop. :grin:

I acquired most of this from my neighbors estate sale. I went to buy his tractor and came back with bags of poop. I think I did it wrong. Classic ADHD move for me!


Thank you for the input.

I have basically winged it with my tomatoes and peppers for the past 20 years, now with cannabis the reward is so far from the beginning I am overthinking everything. I would already be picking tomatoes at this stage of the game.


@OhanaFarmer silica for sure would be a good addition. Loads of it. Bulk food grade diatomaceous earth or Montana Grow from Build A Soil.

I’d also recommend some fine rock dust to use as grit to feed your worms for mineral sources of nutrients that are longer lasting. Volcanic basalt and gypsum are my go to.

Some courser rock dust for the soil too. Volcanic basalt, gypsum, rock phosphate, langbeinite, and volcanic opal (pretty much diatomaceous earth or Montana Grow).