Live Trim at Harvest

I’ve tried dry trimming and wet trimming. I prefer wet, the leaves stand out better where they curl up and are harder to distinguish when they dry.

This year, I did live trimming, cutting most of the leaves off while the plant is still in the ground.

This was very easy and had the added advantage of collecting the leaves for compost directly on the bed for next year.

Biggest harvest ever, these are Durban Poison and Critical Mass. Still have two plants in the garden, not ready yet.

Drying in the basement, next to the dehumidifier. This has worked well for me for years.


like minds think alike
I trim my SFVOGK in the garden and collect the buds as they mature. Buds all mature at different rates and levels based on exposure so I clip here and there

I dry in my garage fridge that has a pc 5v fan hooked up to a usb plug and the wires are thin enough to close the fridge. It usually takes around 10-12 days depending on the buds
I use modeling clay and stick the branches up in it so they are like the trees in the Lorax movie
then I go to mason jars with bovida 62% paks for cure in my cabinet above the slop sink
now everyone knows where my stash is

lol :laughing:

I wet trim pretty much all the buds this way since I am trimming while they are still growing. I usually clip within a cpl days of harvest

Oct 21 full moon so it is a good harvesting season for many in northern hemisphere