Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman - Special Appearance by NIKKI AND SWAMI! May 13th @ 6PM PST


Kyle Kushman - The Indoor Cannabis Grow Expert! One of our Cultivars with Character, Kyle is known for his Strawberry Cough, cannabis journalism at High Times Magazine, his legendary Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, 13 Cannabis Cups AND his Supercropping Techniques to maximize your cannabis yields!

Nikki and Swami - The Outdoor Cannabis Grow Experts! One of our Cultivars with Character and the world’s most loved cannabis couple, these two are the best when it comes to regenerative and sustainable cannabis growing. Together, they make a team of expert flower judges in The Emerald Cup since the event’s founding in 2003 and proudly present on stage the annual award for “Best Flower.” Nikki and Swami have known one another since 1969 in various incarnations as friends, spouses, spiritual brethren and business and land partners.

Nate Hammer - Kyle’s Cannabis Partner, our resident grower and one of the most legendary filmmakers and show hosts in cannabis! He will be our show’s host packing in as many cannabis questions for the expert, Kyle, himself!

Get those doobies rolled, bowls packed, heat up your dabs and have your popcorn ready because these Live Q&A’s only get better and better!

The best part is… YOU get to ask the questions! What am I saying here? You know the deal!

To take part, post your questions as a reply below!!

What do you want to ask these legendary growers!?


Question for Swami and Nikki,
I love you guys and admire your spiritual approach to growing Cannabis, which is also sacred to me. I just grow for myself in my backyard in a hot, wet Southern State. My question is, can you recommend a strain that enhances Spirituality and makes you feel closer to God/Nature? Occasionally I come across some unknown bag that I call “Talk to Jesus Weed”. Santa Marta Gold, back in the late 70’s, early '80’s, was the ultimate Spiritual cannabis, and for me, there has never been anything like it.


I have not heard SANTA MARTA since the late 60’s, early 70’s…It was the Columbian Gold…that was the CHRONIC of its time. I know the spirituality you speak of…Even growing Gold today, much of the landrace strain is long forgotten and hybridized into oblivion…The Acapulco Gold I grow came somewhat close but not on the spiritual front. She was PURE SATIVA…so any strain claiming to be PURE Sativa (like Jamaican), will come close. It is what Marley brought to his people


What are a few strains I would look for if I wanted the most “pure Sativa” seeds?


I tried to link HGC sativa seeds to you but it would not allow it
Email me
[email protected]
I can point out good sativa strains

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That email link you sent working brother. Tried twice.

I would to hear Swami’s thoughts around the journey of the seed from darkness to light encapsulated in the notion of Gu-Ru and the idea of plant teachers

I am very curious with Stardawg is it best to let it go or does it take to topping?? Thanks

hey man im on flowering day 5 and im not getting even canopy should i cut some of the tall branches, bend them or just leave them like that? thanks lol

I just purchased the standard nutrient pack and I have no idea how much to use. I downloaded the standard pack program but it’s not easy to decipher what I’m supposed to be doing. Can you give me the cliff notes version on what and how much to use so I can de code? Thank you so much in advance!:hugs:

This one is for Kyle. When using your vegamatrix nutrient line in DWC hydroponics can you mix in other nutrients? For instance if I ran out of the boost could I just use another organic calmag until I can get more boost or does your system not play well with others?

This one is for Nikki and Swammi. When preparing the earth to grow outdoor is there any particular method you use to amend and till the soil?

I also see you guys have a unique circular plot design for your garden. I am curious, is there any significance to it whether it be spiritual or practical and methodical?

This question is for the rock star of cannabis,Kyle Kushman…!..I have 4 plants currently in my grow room,Super Silver Haze and Gelato that are in veg for three months now,my plants are stunned at the moment because I accidentally gave them some water that I think was too low in PH.I didn’t wait for it to stablize.This is 2 part question what can I do to get my plants unstuned?quickly?and also how long should I let plants veg.for,what is average time most people do before flipping to flower.,thanks for being a teacher of this skill you possess.

I gotta ask one more question for this month.Kyle,do you think the color spectrum plays a important enough role in terms of yield,that I should deploy my extra red spectrum LED’s when I flip to flower since that is what the sun spectrum does when winter is coming .Does mimicking the natural light spectrum,increase yeild.

Thought I’d share some throwback material

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Looking for clarity:
Typical soils don’t require any nutes for the first 2-3 weeks of veg because these soils contain plenty of food and nutrients for the initial grow. Does the 2-3 week rule-of-thumb also apply when you transplant to a larger medium with new soil? In other words, if I transplant at 5 weeks veg to their final medium, do I wait 2 weeks before applying nutes?

Then start flushing at 6 weeks? Seems like the nute distribution is minimal?

Question for Kyle: What schedule would you recommend for nutes in a soil medium? Would you truly recommend following the manufacturers schedule (in my case, Fox Farm trio) at a reduced amount? Also, should I even use nutes at all the first couple weeks of veg? Thanks


How long do u Veg indoors in tent? I’ve got charts that show 4 weeks. That feels a little early with the topping & pruning I do.

Thanks man!

Harvesting some LSD & GSC at the moment. Smoking Big Bud.

Got a link for this?..:sunglasses:

Videos are still cutting. I am in Michigan💚

Hi there!

I primarily grow outdoors. What strains are the best to grow outdoors? I’m in So California.

Thank you!