Little whit bugs in run off water. Plants seem ok. Little white larva

They are little white larva. Can see with microscope. Plants seem ok.

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Sounds like Thrips. . Mix 2 teaspoons of dish soap with a gallon of water and saturate all parts of the infested plant.

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dish soap is not an option for me. im in flower also. wouldnt be a wise move

@Magus25227 can you be more descriptive about the larvae? Are they little round dots? Squiggles? Thin and pointy?

It could be any number of things, but my first best guess would be springtails which are mostly harmless but they can be a nuisance.

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Like shripy. Closer to squiggles. Not dots.

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@Magus25227 do they appear to “grab” each other and float around in the water? Like they’re using their bodies to make a raft?

Not sure about that. I think i saw some tenticles on a head. I barely had any alive. Earth crystal for ph down once took most of them out.

They jump a lot so guessing spring tails.

@Magus25227 yeah. If they’re jumping around in the water as they’re floating around definitely springtails.

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Thank you. Any advice on preparation for thoes and other insects.