Little pencil lead looking larva in runoff water

pest little pencil lead looking larva in run off water . what is it. alot of people have describe them as thrips or fungus nat larva. maby i run threw my crops to fast . but they dont seem to hurt thr plant. what are they

without pics it is anyone’s guess.
gnat larve
Thrip larve
any of these look familiar? click on the descriptions

You wouldn’t be able to see him in a picture I wouldn’t be able to capture that You could they wiggle every I don’t know a minute So you got to kind of steady them and look at them for a while and you see them when squirm

Sounds like thrips to me. Are the white?

yes but no flyig adults I was wondering since certain flying bugs are attracted light if they fly into my light and die as adults. because I have to flush so fast and I make sure I do 20% at the bottom that most of my you know get flushed out and thrown out. but it’s pretty hard to tell. That’s why I’ve never use a recirculating system because I don’t want to keep using the same water I just throw it out so that gets rid of a lot of them because I’m flushing them out through the bottom but like I said it’s hard to tell cuz I don’t see adults I mean if I do very rare and they’re very small and they’re just not doing much harm but they’re definitely there. im worried about what damage they are doing to my roots. i herd that hydrogen peroxide will kill them but I’ve tried that it just lowers the numbers.

you might want to consider something like the Bug Blaster HGC sells
bug blaster
or an alternative I make. Mine is 100%organic non-gmo…

I am not sure but think that when I was reserching it that thrips are pretty prevelant and do minimal damage. I am no expert and only average around 3 oz a plant in 5 gallon buckets but I just waited until gnats showed up and then addressed them. Not sure weather it was the nematodes i used or the spray i got from @Mrb53004 and used a couple weeks later but I no longer have gnats or thrips.

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