Lights for boxes

I have two grow boxes 2 feet by 3 feet 4 feet high. Been using a little 600 watt light. I just bought a 2 foot by 4 foot by 5 foot tent. I have supposedly a 100 watt light with the bloom button and the grow button. Let me no if there is a better light. Do I leave both buttons on.? Little help somebody

@Mrb53004 or @MDBuds probably help with them lights

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@Rusty I need more information on the light to be helpful. Can you tell me the brand and model?

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VitaTech 0002
FrgdgI found no info on it.

@Rusty can you post a photo of the light?

Yeah I got it … …

Should I put another light beside it. Or throw it away and get another.

Any suggestions will be appreciated

I’d use it and put it 12-18" up. 370mol at 18" it says on photometrics I found. It has a real nice spectrum as well. I’m at about 350 in my room with 540 watts of LED and my gurls seem happy.

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Got to screenshot for that light distance. What about the two separate switches do I leave them both on all the time

Yes…for veg I would use both. Im using veg and bloom lamps both and my gurls are 16 days into flower now. May use bloom only for the last couple of weeks or so.

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Good info my friend. Much thanks

@Rusty if you’re using the yintatech 600w I’d throw another one in there because cannabis loves light. Just the one you might end up with some stretched out plants and light airy buds but two of them in a small tent will be sufficient. I’d keep them at 18 inches maximum for veg and for flower move them to between 10 and 12 inches from the canopy.


Lotta good information

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