Lights and autos

Does anyone know if light plays a factor in grow time of autos. I use 300 watts true watts in a 2x2 tent. And it always takes a long time for flowering usually anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks in flower Huge bud but still takes a long time

I don’t think it will make much of a difference in grow time or quality whether on 12 or 18…. Maybe a few days. The difference I believe will be in yield and 18 hrs is just going to produce more yield imo.

The intensity and quality of light will affect quality and yield. 300 watt is plenty of horse power for a 2x2. Most lights out there now have a decent spectrum and use the same diodes and drivers.

I use 20 hrs on and 4 off. Bigger buds than 18

Use 20 hours on 4 off

I do 16 hrs On 3 hrs Off

That’s some moon rock math there. :rofl:

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If I keep my light for 18 hrs, then it will blast, so I do 16 hrs on 3 hrs for cool down, then again 16 hrs

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Hey, it’s your light. You wanna be on Martian hourly calendar, rock it. Most of us use a 24 hour cycle, so things happen more or less the same time each day. So on plus off would equal twenty four, as in earth hours…

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@Duggie it’s hard to say because many things control the speed at which autos mature. Pot size, lighting, environment, and substrate.

Temperatures and light intensity play a big role though. They don’t like it hot and if it’s too warm (high 70’s or more) with high intensity (DLI over 60 with no c02) they’ll fox tail and keep flowering and fox tailing and flowering and usually flower for a good 4 weeks beyond normal estimates.

18/6-24/0 is the most efficient time. 18/6 takes a bit longer for finish but I notice a difference in terpenes with less light duration and intensity near the end. 24/0 will usually give you the fastest flower and bigger yields but they don’t seem to terp up as much. This is why many who grow autos split the difference and go 20/4.

I’d really need to know more to help you out though.