Lightning question

Any opinions on 48” full spectrum led fluorescent type bulbs? They’re 3800 lumens and 80 watt. I’m thinking about making a first run with some auto flowering seeds. Any indica strains recommended that are easy to grow and give a big yield? Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks

They should do well over seedlings and clones . . . don’t know how much better than fluorescent the LED replacements are but it took too many to grow under the old ones. I haven’t had a fluorescent fixture in years, last one had eight 4’ bulbs and hanging at 8-10" would flower a 2x4 . . . produced nothing but larf 6-8" below canopy. SOG growers had the most success with them I believe.

Northern Lights . . . easy grower, fast flower and good yields. In my opinion it’s a classic indica that everyone should grow at least once. Same can be said for White Widow, although it is a indica dominate hybrid.


Thanks I appreciate the feedback.

Hey! Those sound an aweful lot like my SunCo grow lights. I have three of em in my bloom spaced 6” apart, and can get about 4 small plants or two bigger ones through to harvest. I start the first three weeks at 18-20” from canopy, as they fill in with pistils I move the plants up to 10-14” from the light, then for the last two weeks they get moved back down to 18-20” away from the lights. So far palate, scent, resin, and density are professional grade. I’m sticking with em for sure!
For veg I have one of those same lights about 24” above canopy level.
This is for full-spectrum horticultural lights, >>>NOT full-spectrum Sunlike<<<

Those are Sunco. Does the fixture come with the 4 bulbs?

Critical 2.0 did it wit 100 watts

First auto ever I say more light when they start flower but ya 100 watts got 30 gz :v::v:

Rd1000 led

I am using T5 led 4’ fixture with 4 led bulbs. The veg is great with nice bushy growth. I am in flower now so I swapped out 2 for T5 Bloom bulbs. Led bulbs are so cool you can have them inches from the plants, I did just that and it was fine.

Thanks I think I might give that a try.

This is my T5 grow. Skunk#1 regular and chocolate heaven fem. One male to pollenate and get seeds.