Light leak in new tent

I just purchased a Argo (2’ x 3’ x 60”) small tent and noticed when I turned on the led light I could see light through the tent zipper. Seems if I can see light coming out then light could come in. What’s the best way to fix this? Thanks in advance.


@Sunnyguy57 take a look at the inside flap around the zipper to make sure it is not folded/kinked somehow. I know the purist will say absolutely no light but I have found that these small light leaks are not an issue for me and my grows. Welcome to the forum


@Sunnyguy57 as long as your light leak isn’t over 50 ppfd it will not affect the dark period. Most of the time a little pinhole light leak is harmless.

But like @retiredoldguy said check your flaps around the zippers to make sure they’re laying right. Another thing that helps is adjusting the airflow in your tent to get the right pressure to keep the tent from sucking in or pushing out too far and causing light leaks at the zipper.

With my tent I have to run a positive pressure to keep the flaps folded over themselves. If I run negative pressure the tent sucks in too much and I get a light leak around the entire zipper which is way too much.

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you can go on Amazon and search “tent patch”. There are self adhesive patches if needed. You can also use Iron on patches in a pinch or even liquid sealer for spots

Almost all the tents leak a small amount of light around the zipper. Gorilla and a few other premium brands are the only ones that dont. If it’s bad then get a piece of panda polyandry either make a second door flap inside the first. They sell those zippers you can stick on.

Rye…please direct to Panda Polyandry…cannot find it. Are we just talking Panda paper (black/white poly film)?
If you have any instructions / links to “Making a second door flap / stick on zippers”, that would be great

Yes sorry the black and white poly film. I always just call it panda plastic. The zippers can be found on amazon or similar site, I recommend one at minimum of 8 feet 10 or 12 would be better.

I don’t have a link but it’s a pretty straight forward process.

  1. Cut poly to size, e.g. 2×4×6 tent cut poly to a 4 ×6 size, slightly larger than needed.

  2. Use tape of your choice (I recommend foil tape at least 2 inches wide) to secure to edges of the poly to ceiling walls and floor just inside the door of tent, white side facing plants of course.

3 place zipper on plastic per manufacturer instructions.

You end up with a dorr just inside you tent door, instant dust, light, bug, smell barrier.


Thank you for the feedback. It’s great to have some place to get answers


Hey MD what is the translation for the light leakage limits

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You just have to say it out loud now. :v:t2: :rofl: :joy:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl: gee thanks. I was asking about the ppfd thing

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I’m aware. :v:t2: :grin:

Oh good I thought my oldtimers kicked in again🤑

@MoOG what do you mean by translation? Do you want 50 ppfd converted into a different measurement? What light measurement tools do you have? Lux, lumen, ppf?

Honestly I just want know what fd stands for. And I have a cheap meter that tells me low normal high abd high plus. I would like to find something better. The ither side if my confusion is I get that light leaks in a tent can lead to hermorphidites but why would it not affect autos outside when ther are porchlites street light that kind of thing

@MoOG photosynthetic photon flux density.

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@MoOG also it doesn’t effect autos because they have the recessive auto flower gene so they don’t rely on a photoperiod. Light doesn’t stress them as much as photos but they can still hermaphrodite and rodelize if stressed or left to flower too long.

Thank you. Now I can look it up. Also I should have realized the lessened light sensitivity of autos. I am planning on growing photos but I am limited on space right now. I will be using a spare bedroom for this but it will be a few months. In Missouri to grow legal you must be able to vompletely secure your grow area by locks no accessable windows etc. Thanks for the info I can figure this out before hand

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