Light Dep this coming season

Hello All, I’m looking to build something to cover a 2x4 Bed outside this coming season. Any ideas? At the moment I’m thinking multiple layers of weed control fabric, breathable yet hopefully lightproof.
Not much info on this side of the pond regarding light dep, any info would be greatly appreciated. Keep it Lit! :dash::cowboy_hat_face::pray:

@ChronicCowboy420 so are you trying to make a light deprivation cover for your raised bed?

If so my preferred method for manual light deprivation is to make a hinged hoop house above the raised bed using a weather strip/seal at the bottom to help keep light out.

Take the measurements of your raised bed frame and make a frame for the hoop house. Set up your hoop house using some tough uv resistant all weather plastic sheeting. There are loads of places that sell it as uv resistant greenhouse plastic.

Once it’s all set up check your fit and install the hinges on one side and install the weather stripping around the bottom of the hoophouse frame and top of the raised bed frame. Check seal has no light leaks.

I also like to add couple screws and use some wire and an eyelet as a make shift lock to help keep the hoop house down in the wind.

Once all of this is set up there are two manual ways to handle light dep. 1 is to make a cover out of light deprivation film/sheeting that just slides over the top of the hoophouse like a car cover. When i do this method I install hooks on the frames and eyelets in the plastic to help hold it down. I personally prefer the reversible panda plastic for this. White outside black inside. Helps keep heat down in the hoop house and keeps light out.

The other method takes a bit more construction but it’s easier in the long run. Make a folding frame that fits around the outside of your bed and then install it. Make sure you can fold it over the hoop house with no issues. Then you cut your panda plastic to fit and double stitch the seems. If you don’t know how to sew that’s fine you can just glue it and staple it together in two rows around every seem. Make sure you have the white side facing out. Once this is done install the flexible cover onto the frame with a staple gun. Then test it to make sure it folds over the back of the raised bed properly keeping the transparent hoop house underneath in place.

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@MDBuds Thank you very much for the reply mate, when I say raised bed😂 please see below.
I was thinking of making a box type thing out of pallets and weed membrane on castors :rofl:

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@ChronicCowboy420 same concept, smaller scale. :joy:

Weed control fabric is generally woven and not usually 100% light proof.

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