?light concerns

I have put a photo seedling in my grow room with other plants set at12/12 light. Will the 12/12 lighting affect it in any way? It is 3wks old and looking quite healthy .

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Yes it will. She will bypass veg state and go right into flower. Before the advent of autoflowers, as growers, we would do that to get out a quick crop. Small, noting like their counterparts who get a full veg life cycle of about 6-8/9 weeks. More like autoflower. So if you do not mind a small return, let her grow…else she needs LONGER light…min 14 or 15 hrs

This is actually how you do a true sea of green, but with a crap ton more small plants. I’ve seen folks on here gone as small as solo cups with budding plants.

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@rt447x 12/12 the whole grow will work fine. Cannabis won’t flower until it reaches sexual maturity so even under 12/12 its entire life it won’t begin to flower until after about 4 to 6 weeks depending on strain.

@Rye is correct though. This is how many growers do sog. I myself do 18/6 for 4 weeks then go 12/12 just for the slight increase in yield in 1 gallon pots.