Left for couple days help

Hi, welcome me back for some help identifying shiny spots on leaves and a lite discoloration to some of the leaves. Here are some pictures of problem

It’s hard to tell under the colored lights. It is a lot easier to see if it’s a problem or no big in the natural light. Could you send another pic with the camera flash or in the daylight instead?

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Looks like maybe it was some condensation to me. You want your overnight temperature swing to be 10 degrees or less.

@Runsc is that white I see on the leaves…is this mold or as @CurrDogg420 said is this dried water that had lots of minerals in it???

No not white, like a clear shiny spots

@Runsc not sure what this could be… so I would watch closely and see if this continues…if you are outside I would look for insects

Been monitoring, so far no more spots. Hopefully it passed as nothing.

@Runsc what’s your humidity is it steady and temperature

The humidity is between 30 and 35, the temperature ranges from 75-80 degrees.

The day of spots the humidity got up to 40

If humidity get to low or to high the plant will sweat water out of leaves and light’s can cause them to get burns on them

Thanks for all inputs. Things looks to be normal and I am monitoring them daily.

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