Leaves looking a little suspicious

Just noticed this within the last couple of days, not sure if it’s pests or something in the environment.

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@bejesus that’s a combination of phosphorus and potassium deficiency.

To figure out the root of the issue I need to know a few things about your environment and nutrients.

I’m assuming it’s hydro from the look of things so I need to know your res ph, what you’ve been feeding and how often, as well as the temperature and humidity of your environment.

I’m using fox farm nutrients, my RH is about 40 to 50% and my ph stays at about 6.5 - 6.7, while my temp is around 80 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit

@bejesus your ph is a bit too high for hydro. You really don’t ever want it going over 6.5. I’d suggest bringing ph down to 6 for a few weeks and your nutrient uptake should increase and you’ll see healthier more resilient plants.

In soil 6.5-6.7 would be a decent range to uptake phosphorus and potassium but hydro needs a lower ph to work properly.

40-50% rh for veg is a bit low too. If you can try to bring your rh up to 55-60% for veg.

Your temps are in decent ranges but when it gets in the 80s that will start pushing limits with vpd and it will affect your plants negatively and they can start showing all kinds of crazy deficiencies and toxicities just because temps and rh aren’t in range. Hydro is more susceptible to vpd issues than soil because the plants just sit in the water and nutrients all day in a dwc system etc…

If you can’t control temps and rh after getting your ph in range to avoid vpd issues and nutrient burn/toxicities you can split your feedings in two and do two smaller feedings instead of one large feeding.