Leaves Canoeing help

I have this Bruce banner auto that all of the new growth has pretty bad canoeing and I cannot figure this out.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

Happy frog soil
24hr light 1000w hps
Watering as bags feel light and dry
50% rh
Running small heater
6.5x6.5x6.5 tent
Small fan running
Co2 exhale bags
Feed once every 2 weeks

@Forby you are burning her! pull your lights back


1000W HPS is going to put out a ton of heat with all that brightness it produces

I will definitely get the light farther away, she is by far the tallest out of the four BB autos. I may have to just slide her away from so much direct light.

I will update in a couple days! Thank you!

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@retiredoldguy Thank you for the advice! The tallest girl is recovering still, though is on the correct path now! The other Bruce banners are doing much better as well a bit farther from the light.

I very much appreciate your assistance!


She looks hot and burned maybe try getting Temps down add another fan

Prob way.way.to.hot.Iā€™m.there.:ok_hand: