Leaves are turning brown on my babies


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What’s your set up we need more information


Well, not enough info to suggest anything definitive but from the picture, they are in with an older plant, making it difficult to get proper light heights/intensity right. Also, research your strain and see if it’s more susceptible to over/under watering and any other traits you may be unaware of.

Are you planning to transplant? Hard pots cause root wrap and root rot most times.

If leaves look waxy usually points to overwatering.

Soil looks like happy frog? Also do you have a drainage medium at bottom?


Need more info bud👍

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From what I can see on the newer growth I think it will be fine. But you might be overwatering. The “clawing” leaves are a sign. That size plant, in that size pot, I’d probably expect to have to water every 3 days.

The plant is going to give up on those leaves, but keep an eye on the new growth. I think you’ll be fine if you give em a little less water for the moment. When the plant starts to get bigger in proportion to the pot it will need more but right now it doesn’t.

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I’d go with CurrDogg420. Overwatering and maybe that tap root is being drowned. The soil mix you have looks compacted a little more than normal. If it’s a heavy peat mix it’s easier to overwater IMHO

There way to wet or to hot leaves are drooping sign to hot or wet what the temps