Leaf discoloring

this is an unknown strain plant that i was asked to raise & hopefully keep healthy .its showing some discoloring on a few leaves, not sure if its from excess of something or deficiency of some sort? I have been feeding it the same as my white widow’s & they are doing great. only difference is this plant is under a 200w t-5 fixture & white widows are under mars ts1000. Thanks in advance.

Pictures are most likely needed for diagnosis.

got side tracked, forgot pics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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looks like possible phosphorous deficiency…could possibly have Ph issue tied in somehow…Ph fluctuations will cause an almost similar leaf discoloration like this. I have seen Tobacco Mosaic virus also show similar variegation of the leaves. Is it only on this plant?
Sometimes it is just mutation…
lets look closer and see if anything we touched on makes sense for you

I have been careful with ph, biggest struggle has been with rh, that is the only plant affected, i have 5 more, including 2 clones from that plant not showing anything like that yet? Ill be keeping a close eye to see if it spreads.

good idea…maybe it is just mutation…Swap it out a little with the other light and see if that makes a difference. I am not a big fan of t5 or t8 lights…except maybe for seeding. That does not mean they are not good

Yeah, i bought that light about 6 years ago, when all the better lights were too pricey at the time, I had limited success with it , grew some good white thunder , but it kept herming on me, & I had it in storage till now when i aquired this plant.no room in the tent, so i made room for it in a closet grow outside the tent.