Leaf Discoloration-please help

My first grow, plants are indoors. I PH

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Welcome @Traceyface626! If you’re in the early stages, it’s usually not a big deal.

We’d need a little more info and pics to be able to diagnose.

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Hi @Traceyface626 welcome to Home Grown. You will find mountains of information here.
In order for you to get the best help you need to give as many details of the problem. Type of plant Photo or Auto. How old are the plants, How are you growing them Hydro, in grow bags, growing inside out side etc. And always if possible post pics of the problem.

The way you posted your question was like asking if it will rain tomorrow and how hot will it get. I sure there is someone on here that could answer those questions maybe me. If I knew what part of the planet you are talking about. Without knowing your location it’s impossible to say what tomorrow weather will be. Same applies here we need every bit of information about the problem before we can help.

You will find there are a lot of people here that like to help others.


Welcome @Traceyface626 to our grow family pictures and more information about your grow environment

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