Leaf discoloration at margins

Leaf tips are not burned…this morning I woke to find wavy young leaves and some discoloration on the sides…

Any thoughts or suggestions are are appreciated

What’s your temp/Rh? If indoor, is that one closest to your fan?

My guess from the appearance is a VPD (vapor pressure deficit) issue. Too hot or dry or too much air speed.

Thanks for checking it out. I’m outside…It’s been in the 90s. I gave full dose of floracious plus and some 1/2 strength Killer tea

It’s been hot here too, but with humidity to match.

If those high temps are going to continue, some heat management strategies could be in order. Some growers here with more experience with that can probably offer some good ideas - calling @Mrb53004

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The best advice - DON’T grow in the summer…lol
we use silica / DE to add silica to the soil that helps with heat. Kelp, white / light color containers. I line my containers with peat on the outer edge and soil in the middle to try to create like a mulch barrier around AND on TOP of the soil. I use shade trellis…I water less but more often, sometimes 2 / 3 times a day to cool them off. I do spray the outsides of the containers with my hose to cool them down…If I think of more, I will post. I also try to chose particular strains for the HIGH temp times…Sativa / sativa dominants from DRY hot climates

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I’m in the deep south and have been growing outdoors, once past seedling stage. I have had trouble with the heat. I thought of a fan but my garden is too far to route electricity.
I’ve fenced in my garden and even have a scarecrow. I have rabbits, deer and bears to contend with.
Early on, the heat was up in the mid-nineties. All my leaves were wilting and I feared I had lost my garden.
I bought a few hundred square feet of plastic sheeting and I use it for many applications, the first being the heat.
I found that when I drape it over the the fence, the temperature drops off 5 to 10 degrees quickly and the girls perked right up. It is about 4 ft. above the girls with the sides open.
I also have to deal with pop up thunder storms. They come on so fast that I have barely able to run out to the field and cover them. I completely tent in the garden while it is storming.
The other use is for the wind. I am on the top of a mountain and the wind gusts have hit 45 mph. I wrap the sheet around the perimeter but leave the garden open at the top.
The plastic is not clear but translucent. It has been a life-saver.

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