Late Flower Gelato Auto

This is one of 3 Gelatos (Auto). It is at only day 53 from seed. Well ahead of schedule compared to other two. Trichomes are 75% white.
Sohum soil
Water only up to 2 weeks ago began supplemental HGCC Organic nutes at 1/2 strength some molasses and some Organic cal/mag.

Noticed some yellowing leaves 3 days ago.
Primarily on the lowest branch, but seems to be spreading. Although this plants color has always been a little lighter green compared to sisters.

Fed 2 days ago

Is this the point where I just water for the next two weeks and let the leaves go?

I am more interested in the medicinal properties so shouldn’t I harvest at peak milky trichomes?

Or do I treat deficiency, if so, what is best approach?

Thanks for any input.


I have been pinching off any fan leaves when they start to fade. I don’t know if that’s the right thing or not. Seems to me, during flower, the girls are all about the buds. I’m a newbie though on my first grow.

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Idk that id worry too much with autos. They kinda eat fan leaves as they mature in my experience. Your leaves look a little curled and thirsty tho. How are the pots feeling? Nice looking plants overall btw!

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@OhanaFarmer harvest time all depends on the effects needed. If using Gelato for medicine here is the quick rundown.

All/mostly milky white at peak ripeness will have higher tepene levels that need to be preserved during dry and cure along with the highest possible thc in a bt/bt (thc dominant) cultivar. Sometimes this can mean a few of them go amber but you don’t want to harvest with a lot of clear, preferably no clear. This will give you a more euphoric high with less sedation and more medicinal benefit from the terpenes and thc. For Gelato that usually means help with depression, anxiety, nausea, etc…

If you’re trying to use Gelato for pain and sleep I’d shoot for some more amber as cbn and thc contribute more to assisting with pain and sleep. I’d go for 10% personally but up to 25-50% amber depending on the person’s body and tolerance/sensitivity to cannabinoids.


@OhanaFarmer as far as what to do about the plant at this time it’s close enough to finish it’s going to start to cannibalize itself anyway. Just water until finishing should be fine as Gelato usually finishes between day 56 and 70 for all milky white and little amber.


In regards to the leaves, I wouldnt worry since ur almost at harvest. I just got done a run and the leaves were mostly dried af like you’d rake off your lawn in December. Major calmag deficiencies and fid knows what else. I was totally freaked out and disappointed. But I’m curing it now and the stuff smells amazing. Like the best shit I ever smelled in my life. Just make sure you do a looong dry at about 60-65% humidity and try to keep the Temps between 60 and 70.

The long dry is CRUCIAL. Anyone who say 5 to 7 days is a clown. For example, I took a long time to trim all my bud so some stuff I had drying about 10 days I left in a closed bin overnight in my tent because it got too late and when I went back to it the next day a lot of it was soaking wet and I just trashed it. So, loooong dry and designate a time where you can get it all trimmed at once if you can or just leave what you cant trim hanging in the controlled environment. Build-a-soil has some great videos on drying, they put out a new one on YouTube about a month ago, check it out if u want.


@TolkinWhite I put it in the dark yesterday morning. I began seeing some amber trichomes and was going to take the opportunity to try this for anxiety.

I am wet trimming it tonight and set it up for drying in a specific tent. I have it dialed in really well and on my last dry it took about 15 days hanging the whole plant. I am going to weigh a few specific buds and weigh them before and check every 3 days until the weight stabilizes some.

My first batch did really well during the cure and got more fruity over time. It was certainly the best I have ever had and my Brother-in-law who is a fifty year user said it was the first he ever had that took his arthritis pain away.

The buds on this plant are way bigger than my first grow. Way more resin and dense too. The 2 other gelatos are just getting going in flower. I paid more attention to lighting and water and used living soil for the first time.

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Cool, sounds like u got it handled. I’m a dry trim guy myself. The leaves keep it from drying too fast. I’m gonna try that silicone brush they sell next time,looks like it will cut the work down enormously