Last 2 weeks, login problems?!

Has anyone had log in problems the last couple weeks? I tried the same email and pass and it worked this time?! I’ll throw a update out later. I hate the bushy 3-4 week vegistate stage, always reminds me of a 1960’s afro, where does it begin, where does it end?! Ok a little zooted. Update later.
P tree

no problems on my end

Well I noticed it won’t work for my email, yet my username works. But my notifications go right to my email. It wouldn’t work reguardless though. I just randomly tried it earlier, and it logged right in.

I’ve had it to happen to me time to time i always stay logged in but when they update it happens

I thought so. I was thinking maybe they were switching something up for black Friday and/or Christmas. Seedsman was down too for a couple weeks. But just a FYI, I use Herbie’s and I’m in the states. It took 6 days for Herbie’s, seedsman took 38 days. And seedsman sent me the wrong seeds I ordered 5 white og, they sent me 1 and five black sugar seeds. I just wanted to try them as I have used Herbie’s when I was younger, way younger lol. Herbie’s seeds always does me good. I had 16 seeds, not expecting them all to germinate, I put them in a christmas stocking on my Mars hydro ts1000 (in a plastic bag and paper towel of course). And every single one popped I couldn’t believe it. When I post later I’ll name the strains and companys. Seedsman shipping $10, Herbie’s $12.

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