L S T training 11-23

Hey, some advice on when I can start some light LST with this one? She’s 19 days old

It really depends on what kind of LST you are thinking of trying, and is it auto or photo? I start training my girls at the 3rd node but I also practice what is often called no training to start. By that I mean I just bend them over. I try to plant them to the side of the pot so they can stretch the length of the pot and fill it out completely almost like a bush.

few examples from various grows

I’m trying for the first time with her. Killed me to bend her over :grin:. Hopefully turns out well

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I plant mine on the edge and also supercrop the main stem, but I think this will get you an idea of what will happen. You will start getting a lot of upward growth on the bottom. I usually bend them to a 90 degree angle. The point of doing this is to have as many main colas as possible without a high plant. More of a bush and keeping things at a certain level of growth. I do this because I run a perpetual grow and all my plants range from seedling to 8 weeks.

I bend them over with enough room to water and allow air flow underneath. The lower you can keep your entire canopy the better, and no use of scrogging nets

Do I clip the two first cata leaves?

It doesn’t matter if you take the cotyledons off or leave them on. They will die off themselves or I usually will pull them off when they begin to yellow.

Thanks !:+1: I did. She’s starting to fill in her sides after her first bend