Kushman's Chiropractic

What’s up y’all! Has anyone tried the Kushman Chiropractic method on their plants? Indoor? Outdoor? Greenhouse? Soil? Anything? Did you get better yields?

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@sc13oldie it does give better results if you use it in a longer veg period and allow the plant to fully recover between treatments before flipping to flower.

More water and nutrient flow through the stems means more water and nutrient flow to the leaves and flowers.

It’s only really worth it for small crops though because it’s so time consuming. The increase in yield you get can easily be compensated by just growing an extra plant but not everyone has that much room so it’s best suited for use with people only growing a few plants or one plant at a time.


Thanks for the info @MDBuds. I kinda figured that it would be better used on a smaller crop. I just was wondering if anyone uses it regularly and has recorded better results than when not used. I was thinking of trying it for my winter grow, but if I get to ganja happy and grow too many plants again, then I probably won’t lol.

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It definitely is worth it for smaller crops. Thicker branches and stems and thicker colas. You also need less supports for the colas when they thicken up and get heavy because it strengthens the branches too.

It’s a pretty dope technique but I couldn’t personally see myself on doing it on more than 10 plants or so through the whole veg period. Maybe once or twice with 15 to 20 but not the weekly treatment like I do on my 6 plant photo grows. :joy:

If I can keep my plants small I will definitely try it. I work a ton and sometimes don’t have that much time to spend with my plants. Thanks again and happy growing​:seedling::fire:

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It works even just doing one treatment before flipping to flower. It’s what I do when I have little time. You just do the treatment after 4 to 6 weeks of veg depending on how tall you want your plants. Do the treatment and then wait a few days to a week for them to recover and then flip to flower. Happy growing brother. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

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@MDBuds Right on brother. I’ll definitely try it this winter grow. Thanks again for the info :call_me_hand: :fire:

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