Kushman Chiropractics

First attempt at Kush Chiro.

Was only able to get 1 audible crack sound. Which is supposed to come from the inner part of the branch snapping with no harm to the outside.

I don’t think I did it right. Couple days later I look and see 2 literal cracks in the branch that “cracked”.

any damage to the branches / stems will do. It forces hormones to flood the area to heal the wound, just like a bone in your body…extra calcium flood a break to heal it. The increase in hormones (knuckles) adds valuable hormones to the area and increase growth / potency


@Mrb53004 Thanks, I understand the science behind it. I just wasn’t aware there would be visible gashes to the exterior.

I’m sure there is a bit of practice and learning the right touch that comes along with it.

Geesh, we used to drill a hole at the base of the stem, stick a chopstick in the hole and tape it above and below the hole…we did crazy shit to our shit back in the days


Haha whoaaaaa, gnarly. That increases growth after healing?

40 years later – nope, we were tripping dude…just like clipping buds 1/4 or 1/2 inch to make them puff up…and other stuff


So, you’re telling me drilling a hole in the plant didn’t result in an optimal yeild? Weird!! lol

I guess what I’m asking is, is that normal when performing Kush Chiro? As I understood it, only the inside is supposed to “snap”.

Been doing the chiropractic method the last few years. Never had the gurls split like that but Mike is spot on about the gurls repairing themselves. I’m tickled to see her fix it on her own.

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@JarJar it’s pretty normal for that to happen until you get the hang of it. Either way though she’ll heal up and get a knot. You just want to make sure you keep her wound clean so she doesn’t get any pathogens inside.

You are correct that it’s only supposed to snap the inner hurd but until you get it down breaking the outer is bound to happen.

I’ve taken branches clean off myself before I got the hang of it.

It helps if you massage the fibers in the branch first. Warm and soften the outer so when you twist the inner hurd breaks and the outer just flexes a little.


If you have a lot of silica in your substrate, the stems will be stiffer and split like that much easier. When I do this, I always do it after a dark period when the branches / stems are a little softer. I also do not try to always do it in one shot. Sometimes I do it over a few days…little by little. All of us have snapped branches, broken them, use glue, tape, splints to mend them…part of the journey

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Try squeezing/massaging more before bending, & do it during dark period as the stems are a bit softer, at least that has worked for me. I had the luxury of practicing on a plant that was given to me because of cat damage, so i didnt have alot to lose… you could probably seal the splits up with some elmers glue to prevent anything bad getting in…

Almost looks like your bleeding a poppy!!!:sunglasses:, dont use Elmer’s glue… use honey or aloe…! Also this technique has been around for centuries. Not to take anything from Kyle because he’s a master grower for sure who loves to educate the masses…#Kyle your a Legend!

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