KURGAN diary gelato in cure

This will be where I begin my journey… this is some Hgc GELATO curing


Looks good! Hows the flavor/effect? I really wanna try this gelato strain.

Flavor is along the lines of cookies strain to me effect is couch lock for sure. But I let this go 15 days longer than I normally do.

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Well I’ll be starting our journey with hgc white fire. With full line of hgc nutrients all organic. Most likely mid to end of September waiting for the climate to get cool Soni don’t have to have hurricane winds in the tent to stay cool. Here’s a pic of one of my outdoor ladies.

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Ok ladies and gents this is day 1 of the white fire X 4 germination. I am doing it the way I’ve always done it. 4 or 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in a shot glass. When they all sink. We will go to step 2.

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