Kind Soil Grow Planned

Decided to settle down and try a 6 plant medical grow utilizing Kind Soil and Coco Loco. Has anyone out there tried this yet. I recently discovered my neighbors also have a medical garden and he has grown for 40 plus years and he settled on Kind a few years back. Just looking for others that have tried it. Thanks a lot!


I have used ff coco loco for about a year. It seems too work well. I’ve been using three gallon fabric pots. the root ball seems to be close to same size as the fabric pots at the end.


Welcome Corey. I’m a Newbie also. Just took down my first harvest, which were two Sugar Black Rose (Fem/Photo) and one Banana Kush Auto. I did everything wrong (used Miracle-Gro soil and no nutrients) cause I didn’t know much. But I got two 1-qt jars of buds out of it, so when they’re cured I’ll let everyone know how they are.

Just beginning my 2nd Grow tomorrow. Got some Fox Farm soil (brown bag) and some good Flowering nutes: Tiger Bloom and Cultivation Nation Bloom. I’ve heard good things about Coco Loco. My 2x2x4 ft tent got over-run in the Stretch, which made a big mess out of things so my 2nd Grow will be one plant - a Purple Kush Auto which is supposed to grow only 60 cm tall…though I’ve learned to ignore what I’m told, about the seeds I bought lol. They have a mind of their own. I am also now armed with the knowledge of LST & Bending etc. so with only one plant to focus on, I’m optimistic.

I’m using 3-gallon fabric pots. Will post pics in a few weeks. Good luck!

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