Just transplanted

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Cal/mag? @Mrb53004, your thoughts?

depends on what is the transplant medium mixture…If it is fresh organic, you should not need any nutes. If it is coco or peat heavy, then cal/mag

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Yeah, he is running no charge coco and perlite mix. Thanks for the extra hand, sir.

some perlites are nuted…I use Miracle grow perlite and have to be careful of burning newbies
should test the runoff

It’s a non-charged. Haven’t tried this particular one but I did use zen blend and loved it.

I have been before today. I’ve been watering my females with the same nutrient water basically feeding her every 2-3 days. Now that I know to use my tap water and get it to my ph level then it should be better for me and feed her once weekly. I’m hoping I will get her there. 1st time ever growing anything.


My 1st time ever planting anything but I saw it in 1 video on YouTube somewhere and that’s what I’m trying with. I hope it turns out right. Fingers crossed.

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Hang with this fourm @Zman_79 . You & your girls will be fine!!

stop watching youtube unless you have complete faith in 1 grower…
watering…watering / feeding in coco is different than soil. ME C&P is usually buffered with cal/mag to stabilize the ph. Coco can be watered up to 3 times a day…there is so much space in the medium, it doesn’t compact and cause oxygen starvation (the cause of overwatering…rally cannot overwater in coco). If the temps and rh are off, or heat/lights…then you can get an issue but it does NOT look like they are transpiring too much…the leaves would be drooping
If you are watering / feeding often, waht the PH LEVELS…paramount…in and out…make sure you nutrient solution is proper for the plant/s. Calcium / magnesium…alwaya a troublesome issue in coco and peat…consider dolomite lime or gypsum and then again…watch the PH…these greatly affect it
they also lock out certain nutrients…
Look closer at NEW GROWTH…it is most important…when you get calcium issues, lower leaves can NEVER HEAL…so a temporary issue corrected willl only show in new growth

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