Just ordered 8+8 Bruce Banner plus kelp

Excited to get these going. Gonna start them in seed starter peatpods and grow half indoor and half outdoor.

I’ve grown just about everything, but have limited experience with Cannabis. I will update this thread as I proceed with the grow.

First update will be when the seeds arrive.

I am pleased with the customer service thus far.

Positive vibes = Positive Plant Growth.

Happy plants = Happy Me :smiley:


Day two and no update on shipping yet. Not impressed. It’s Friday now, so it probably won’t be shipped till next week. Not happy at all.

@LaTormenta Welcome to the Forum!!!

It has been my experience (4 orders in) that it is usually 5 -10 days after payment before they ship. But once shipped it is usually in my mailbox within 2-3 days. They will send tracking number.

So they usually meet their 10-14 day delivery window.

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5 to 10 days to ship is ridiculous. If that is the case I will never order from these people again.

And Thank you for the welcome. :wink:


Day 5 and still no update on shipping. This is beyond ridiculous. Clearly this company does not care about customer service. There is no logical reason for it to take this long.

I will not be ordering from these guys again.

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I had a problem also. They will come and soon. Always order early, I learned the hard way too.

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No reason for taking this long. I guess they are too busy driving around in their expensive convertible cars making Tiktok videos or something.

Nobody on Earth waits this long to put something in the mail. It’s beyond ridiculous.

Monday work day has came and gone, still no update on shipping.

I’ll be using Nukeheads from now on. Far better prices on seeds. I’m sure they will actually get off of their lazy asses and mail them too.

I am considering canceling my order actually.

Put down the joint and mail my seeds please.

I was just as pi##y about slow delivery as you are. But I ordered at the same time I bought my light etc, and I was looking at an empty tent. The unique challenges of the seed biz make shipping and money handling a pain in the ass, but they get it done, and nearly all the seeds pop as advertised. Our failure to plan adequately does not dump the entire issue on them. You need a doob, bro.

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Truth. I need two actually. :wink:

The seeds have finally shipped.

I’m so sorry that I offended you snowflakes. Must be a lot of Biden support here in this forum. Probably all confused about your genders as well. Flag away Snowflakes. Flag away.