Just a Heads Up

Hello All,
Just wanted to let everyone know I may be a bit absent/erratic with my posts. I have one daughter graduating from OSU on August 7th and another graduating at the end of December, also from OSU. They have 5 degrees between them in a total of 5 years of college each.

My wife and I have been sacrificing our time together to allow them a proper education. She’s been living in an apartment at OSU with the girls, and I only see her on weekends. We did this to nearly eliminate any school debt the girls may encounter so they can start their lives without an albatross of debt hanging over their heads.

Since I’ll be getting my wife back on a permanent basis in mid-January 2022, I’m doing a bit of renovating, cleaning, prepping and primping - :laughing: Since she is also one who partakes of my grows, I’m making sure to have a good variety waiting for her. So far I have 6 strains totaling 14 ounces, with 3 harvests of 14 plants / 5 different strains overs the next 6 weeks, 4 strains of which I do not have any stock. So, I’ll have a total of 10 strains stashed away.

I’ll post pics of grows, harvests, etc as they are available and when time permits.

You all are a phenomenal group and I hate to leave people wondering “what happened to so-and-so?”


Oregon state hell ya!!! Congrats bro! Super happy for you and yours my friend :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the congrats, but that’s Ohio State my friend!

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Ah my bad,but still glad for you and yours my friend!

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