Just a general question

Can you grow regular seeds next to auto or feminized seeds or will it do something to the genetics? I’m super new to this and am not really sure why ppl don’t grow boy plants :seedling: lol

@Zomballz When you have a male and female plant in the same room, the male will pollinate your plant and your finished herb will have seeds galore. Can’t smoke the seeds so you have to pick them all out which takes a while or use the bud for extracts or edibles.

Autos, reg females, or feminized can all be in the same room or close proximity without any adverse effects. But having different strains/types all side by side might not respond great to the same feeding/light schedule so you have to take that into account.


If you want lots of seeds no problem. If you want sensimilla I’d say pull the males as soon as you see them.

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