I've never seen this before


Wow, what a mutation…Could have been damage at a node and hormones to the rescue

They all seem to be doing well :smiley:

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What companian plant is growing with your girls??

They look really good

Looks like a sativa to me…coming down the homestretch

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This is the Slack Attack. Grand Daddy Purple, Pure Indica and Bubba Kush. The little girl in the middle full bloom is the Jack Herrer Auto

Jack…Sativa DOMINANT…Oh a most powerful one it is

She is from an earlier thread of mine Real early bloomer

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She didn’t get very big

I grew the Slack Attack pack last summer. My BBK didn’t make it but the GDP and PUI did great!
GDP on two the left and Pure Indica on the right. Each strain had a shorter, fatter pheno and a taller, thinner one. The shorter PUI flowered the longest and produced fat buds with more purple.

The GDP is very smooth but not as stoney as the PUI. Wish my BBK made it :frowning:
Good luck with your grow :seedling: :+1:

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Just in books. At least the sun leaves. I have seen pistils grow out of the smaller sugar leaves petiole before. It was a aloha grape stomper I crossed with a jillybean. Just about every sugar leaf had 2-3 pistils at the petiole.