It is curing time

So I harvested my first auto grow. 3 thc bomb plants. Because I made newby mistakes they were small. I just put it to cure. 2.7 ounces dry. I know not much yield but of course I had to do quality control testing so my wife and I toasted a small bowl. I like potent buzzes and this makes me extremely happy. The smoke is smooth. A great head high that mellows into a relaxing body high that did not couch lock us. Mama just asked me if we have anymore so I guess just to be nice after lunch we will test it again. Medically my pain while not gone is minimal for me. Pics to follow after a week of cure.


Ps thanks for all the help and support. I could not have joined a better community.


congrats on 1st harvest, even with mistakes to complete a grow 1st time around is cool. so enjoy! next grow im sure will yield more & be even better, this site is priceless for any grower new or experienced there is always more to learn.


Getting the first grow under your belt is phenomenal. The amount of confidence it gives a grower makes all the difference. Congrats. Keep learning and growing.


I agree! This community is awesome with their experience and willingness to help.

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Thumbs up :+1:t4: for job well done. Mistakes make your next grow better.

Just started my 2nd grow. Gelato fem photo & OG Kush auto. In week 2


OG Kush
My Bubblegum Auto is slow to tap root

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Thank you. I am not all that upset except it smokes so good I wish there was more. I have a yumbolt auto, amnesia kush auto, and gelato auto in flower. They already look much healthier than the first. Yours look good no stretch. Grow well friend

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Well I’m just seeing how your grow went. My OGK was a beast & I should have let her go longer. JCK A is finishing up

Now my Gelato P has NOT been happy, but she’s hanging on lol.
Drop some picks. Planning on trying 2 or 3 plants outside :thinking::thinking:.

Happy growing